Registration under the provisions of Haryana VAT & CST Acts.

Filing of returns of sales / purchases under the provisions of HR.VAT & CST Acts.

Deposit tax with the department by filling the requisite challan along with pay order or D/D and get the receipt of the same.

Making available with various kinds of statutory forms.

Attend assessment proceedings and get them finalize.

Attend & get audit Objection settled, if any raised by audit party.

Attend revisional proceedings, if any, initiated against the company after finalization of assessment proceedings.

Seek adjournment on behalf of the company w.r.t. proceedings under the said Acts.

Attend and get the proceeding finalize if any, initiated by the department w.r.t. inspection of premises or the vehicle carrying goods of the company.

Make conversant with the various amendments effected in the provisions of the Acts and their aftermaths.

Make available with inward and outward ST.-38/D-3 forms.

Provide legal opinions during the financial year as and when required by the company.